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Park Your License with Us

Parking Your Alberta Real Estate License

Why Park Your License?

Sometimes licensees leave the industry for a while, but want to come back later or work in another part of the industry where a license is not required.  This is often called Parking a License.


There are many reasons licensees may decide to park their Alberta Real Estate License, including:


  • Working Part-Time

  • Taking full-time education

  • Family obligations

  • Extended travel

  • Moving Towards Retirement

  • Brand new to the business but not quite ready

  • Taking a Well Deserved Break

What ever the reason, you Don't have to give up your Alberta Real Estate License.

Benefits to Parking Your License

Below are some key benefits to parking your real estate license.

  • Remain Licensed

  • Earn Referral Income

  • Save Money

  • No Board Fees


Cost to Park a License

Monthly          Annually

   $30                   $348

Call 587.590.1535 for additional Information.

8414 - 109 St NW, Suite 201,
Edmonton, AB T6G 1E2

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